Our vision is bright. We see a positive future and act for a positive lifecycle.  We see the true value of a clean and healthy environment.  We see the true value of spending time carefully collecting and containing plastic waste.  We see the focus of the human population change from the collection of natural resources for sale and profit to the creation of an environment where the human family can continue to live and thrive.  We see a new value of the value of human life – the creative force, the art, the poetry, the love, and we feel true sorrow for all that we have lost by plantation capitalism’s unbridled seeking of profit with no consciousness of human cost and the cost of polluting the Earth. 


We see a new day, with technology freeing the populace from mindless toil, we see universal income, care and nurturing of children, and a new period of profound peace and a sustainable lifestyle for humanity.  We see a new era of creativity and productivity, as people are naturally creative and resourceful.  Our vision is of freedom to pursue what provides deep meaning to oneself, and when shared, gives a new appreciation of life and greater meaning to others. 


The care and containment of plastic is a part of caring for humanity, caring for the natural world, and an expression of the value of life.  It is a small act, but it can be a very meaningful one.  For plastic can be a vector of its intention – when put to positive end use, it can have an infinite positive impact, but the opposite is unfortunately true as well – when left in the environment it can have a potentially infinite negative impact.  Every small act to give a positivelifecycle to plastic is a larger force for good than we realize.  It surpasses our lifetime and many generations forward.  As a community of positive change makers for plastic, we can help to care for humanity and the environment as humanity transitions to a world where all life is deeply valued.


“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

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